Our Vision and Mission:

Our mission is Better service possible to our clients, taking care to employment and to better prepare specialists throughout the labor force. Also we invest in technology and equipment for a better quality. 
Commercial Relations with our customers are also another perparsi of our company and our purpose and mission is to have 100% satisfaction relationship between the company and the client.


We always guided by what is right and the good:

Are fair and open clindo or not in relation to work with us 
We follow not the wrong ideas or roads and unreliable 
commitments We hold the promises 
We support all those who work and act right

Work as a group:

We work better together: 
listen to each other and share personal experience with the knowledge together 
and respect We Improve relations at work and outside it


We always strive to reach our goals: 
We do not tolerate non-performance among ourselves 
We do not tolerate the quality and safety at work 
We are on alert for new ideas and innovative solutions and creative


We are sensitive and responsible for our actions in the community 
We treat everyone with equality 
We enkurajojme any potential to reach potential 
We evaluate the ability of anyone else

Zyra Qendrore

Rr. "R Collaku", P.17, Ap 249, Tirane,
Tel/Fax 00355(0)42250021
Mob. 00355(0) 682055829.
E: l_begaj@yahoo.com, nela@nela.al

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