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NELA & Co" was formed in 1993 .
Administrator ING.L. BEGAJ

Our Services:

Mainly civil construction with metal constructions Projections . Supervisor , testing etc Formation professional with 1-2 year period in 16 specialties

Hidrotechnical works

Electro-mechanical & hydrotechnical work.

Electromechanical work allover Albanian hidrocentrales also fitting pompa axiale,zgara,electrical pannels

Company Nela & Co. "was formed in 1993 . The company plant is located in Lushnje, 80 km south of Tirana and is headquartered in Tirana.The scope of the company is: civil constructions mainly those with metal constructions, projections, supervizione, testing etc.. For all the products and projects implemented by the respective side of " Unitec Studio " studio based in Tirana. All works are carried according to UNI-EN-ISO 9001: 2008 standards.
The object of activity based on technical and legal licenses available to the company is:

Projections, Research, supervisor, testing, consultancy etc.
professional formation technique 16 specialties such as:

(1-turning, 2-Frezator, 3-machinist, 4-Welder, 5-smiths TERMIST 6, 7-fitters, 8-Elektromekanik, 9 Skicator (Designe) 10-Machinist (CNC), 11-Plumbing,
12-Kaldaist,,14-13-Manovrator Radiologist Welding (RAY and Ultrasound), 15-turbine operator, 16-gas operator.)

Head Office

Rr. "R Collaku", P.17, Ap 249, Tirane,
Tel/Fax 00355(0)42250021
Mob. 00355(0) 682055829.
E: l_begaj@yahoo.com, nela@nela.al

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