Welcome Nela & Co shpk

NELA & Co" was formed in 1993 .
Administrator ING.L. BEGAJ

Our Services:

Mainly civil construction with metal constructions Projections . Supervisor , testing etc Formation professional with 1-2 year period in 16 specialties

Hidrotechnical works

Electro-mechanical & hydrotechnical work.

Electromechanical work allover Albanian hidrocentrales also fitting pompa axiale,zgara,electrical pannels


located in Tirana performs Studies-Pojects-Consultancy-supervisor-Kolaudime
The form was founded in 2007. The technical staff of the company consists of personnel specialists with experience in the respective fields, designing of projects as well in the implementation of works.

The object of this company is:
Projections, Research, supervisor, testing, consultancy etc.
professional formation technique 16 specialties such as:

(1-turning, 2-Frezator, 3-machinist, 4-Welder, 5-smiths TERMIST 6, 7-fitters, 8-Elektromekanik, 9 Skicator (Designe) 10-Machinist (CNC), 11-Plumbing,
12-Kaldaist,,14-13-Manovrator Radiologist Welding (RAY and Ultrasound), 15-turbine operator, 16-gas operator.)


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Head Office

Rr. "R Collaku", P.17, Ap 249, Tirane,
Tel/Fax 00355(0)42250021
Mob. 00355(0) 682055829.
E: l_begaj@yahoo.com, nela@nela.al

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