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NELA & Co" was formed in 1993 .
Administrator ING.L. BEGAJ

Our Services:

Mainly civil construction with metal constructions Projections . Supervisor , testing etc Formation professional with 1-2 year period in 16 specialties

Hidrotechnical works

Electro-mechanical & hydrotechnical work.

Electromechanical work allover Albanian hidrocentrales also fitting pompa axiale,zgara,electrical pannels

NELA Co Ltd operates in a broad range of works and projects:
Developing Construction and Infrastrukture, Elechtrical developmentsĀ  Mechanical works Bonifikime, Residental works
Supervision on behalf of third parties, Hidrotechnical works, repairs and developments, Producing and developing metal constructions for third partiesĀ ....... and much more.




Head Office

Rr. "R Collaku", P.17, Ap 249, Tirane,
Tel/Fax 00355(0)42250021
Mob. 00355(0) 682055829.
E: l_begaj@yahoo.com, nela@nela.al

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